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Looking for Braided Rugs like Capel rugs? This page could save you a lot of time and even more money!

Finally! Hundreds of beautiful, high-quality braided rugs at the best prices, a little of their interesting history, and tips on how to choose the best ones - all in one place.

Braided rugs, also know as "rag rugs," were originally fashioned over 200 years ago by thrifty frontier women as a way to stretch their pennies and beautify the roughly-built floors of their cabins. They turned scraps of old blankets, coats, pieces of canvas, and whatever rescued fabric happened to be available into cozy braided rugs. Over time, the craft of making rag rugs has evolved to produce some of the most beautiful and practical floorcoverings available.

Today, braided rugs continue to be crafted by artisans, as well as by large companies including Capel Rugs. Whether made by hand or machine, rag rugs are steeped in history and each one is a work of art.

Braided rugs are style chameleons, moving easily from casual, country-inspired rooms to elegant, contemporary showplaces. And they're not only for your home! Rag rugs work beautifully in business environments, imparting an enduring richness and warmth to cold, corporate settings.

Made from coiled 3- or even 5-strand braids of fabric, braided rugs are crafted in materials ranging from wool and cotton to high-tech fibers like spun nylon. And they're available in all your favorite color combinations to complement any interior. As durable as they are beautiful, they protect high traffic areas from wear and tear; making them a beautiful and practical addition to any decor. Rag rugs work on wood floors, linoleum, as well as carpet. They are even fashioned into braided stair treads and trivets. And as a bonus, they are reversible - giving you twice the wear!

Did you know many braided rugs are washable? Pop your easy-clean rag rugs, a little cold water and some mild detergent into your machine on the gentle cycle and you're done! Styles made from wool and other materials that don't do well in the washing machine are easily spot cleaned.

Braided rugs. Beautiful. Durable. Available in your favorite colors. Every home deserves a rag rug. Why not pick one up here and have it conveniently delivered right to your door?

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