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If you're looking for Contemporary Rugsmodern rugs.alt like shag rugs or a flokati, this page could save you a lot of time and even more money!

Finally! Thousands of contemporary rugs, including styles like shag rugs and flokati, to add pizzaz to your room - all at the best prices - all in one place!

Contemporary rugs are not hemmed in by tradition. If you can imagine it, you can see it on your floor! Modern masters use everything from bold strokes of color, abstract forms and text to cutting edge textures like shag rugs and flokati in their designs. These beautiful works of art can stand as the centerpiece in any room. Other more subdued colors and patterns can function as a serene backdrop for statement-making furniture. From colorful and modern to fun shag rugs or flokati - these contemporary rugs are definitely not your mother's!

The high-quality materials used in today's contemporary rugs are not only make a statement, but also provide comfort and beauty. Wool and other natural fibers provide soft, low-luster colors, as well as durability and long term performance. Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene offer brilliant colors, easy maintenance, softness and outstanding value. Both machine and hand made pieces are available in natural and synthetic materials, as well as in popular styles like shag rugs and flokati.

Consider traffic when choosing your contemporary rug. The denser the pile, the better it will wear. For example, fluffier styles like shag rugs or flokati, while beautiful, may not be suitable for your higher traffic areas. Lower piles wear well and make vacuuming a snap. But no matter what style you choose, a good quality rug pad will help protect from wear by cushioning the impact of feet. And as a bonus, padding also helps reduce noise.

When choosing your contemporary rug, you are only limited by your imagination. If you really love shag rugs or that flokati, go for it and let your style loose!

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