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If you're looking for Oriental RugsDiscount Oriental Rugs and Persian rugs, this page could mean substantial savings for you!

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Ever wondered, "What are Oriental Rugs? And just where is the Orient anyway?"

In it's purest definition, "Oriental rugs" are hand-knotted rugs from the Orient; traditionally made of wool, silk or other natural fibers. However, the term has come to describe all types of beautifully patterned carpets. Many fine retailers sell a mix of machine-made and hand-made rugs advertised as "Oriental rugs," including those made in Belgium, Western Europe and the United States. They offer modern takes on traditional Oriental rugs, some even made of high-quality synthetic fibers. Synthetics make these beautiful pieces affordable and accessible to everyone.

And although many people think the Orient as only China or Japan, it actually includes a vast area stretching from the Black and the Mediterranean Seas eastward to the People's Republic of China. Often referred to as "the cradle of civilization," this area produces almost all of the world's handmade Oriental rugs.

Today, Iran (or Persia) produces more handmade Oriental rugs than all other producing countries combined. You don't have to be a geography whiz to know this region - each country with it's own a distinct style - produces some of the worlds most beautiful pieces.

When shopping for Oriental rugs, let your eyes and your wallet be your guide! The origin, design, knot-count, material used, and whether machine or handmade will all factor into the cost. Antiques that are in good condition will be the most expensive to purchase. Modern pieces, including many by Karastan and Beaulieu are very well priced; machine-made pieces crafted in synthetics even more so. If Persian rugs make your heart sing, there are truly beautiful carpets available at every price level.

Whether a runner or a royal palace sized masterpiece, your treasure will need minimal attention. Regular care of Oriental rugs, including vacuuming, checks for moths and carpet beetles, rotating it every couple of years and a good quality padding will help your Persian rugs will last for many, many years.

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